StarCloud's Agreement

The StarCloud Society makes available, in a royalty-free manner, five unique standards:

  • ISS/IM (Instant Syndicating Standards);
  • IOS (Instant Operating System);
  • ITOP (Instant Desktop Environment);
  • ITIP (Instant Tipping Network); and
  • ISPIN (Instant Spin Alliance).

These standards are not just technical standards. Above all, they are social standards created to empower individuals with the help of their own personal social network.

Any individual or organization may use these standards as long as they:

  • are aligned with StarCloud's mission, which is to promote a healthy bottom-up distribution of information, services, interactions, wealth and power based on merit and equal opportunity; and
  • follow the five standards proposed in its integrity and in conjunction. Please refer to each standard for more details.

Any extension to these standards must be made royalty-free and syndicated publicly via ISS/IM, where it may eventually, through a bottom-up democratic process, be incorporated to the official StarCloud standards.